Elizabeth Petit Cunningham, Ph.D.

“The ability of our children to pursue careers in the STEM fields rests in the mathematics instruction that children receive PreK to grade 5.” -Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham

Dr. Elizabeth Petit Cunningham enjoys working with and learning from practicing teachers. As a mathematics teacher educator, her research interests include investigating how teachers can better leverage student understanding to improve classroom instruction, and how to better prepare pre-service teachers for teaching mathematics. Dr. Cunningham frequently works with teachers around the country to improve their use of formative assessment in mathematics classrooms.

Dr. Cunningham earned her Ph.D. in Educational Studies with a mathematics education specialization from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Cunningham’s previous experience includes 10 years as an elementary classroom teacher. She is a national facilitator for the Ongoing Assessment Project, working with teachers in South Carolina, Philadelphia, and Michigan. Her research focuses on teaching mathematics in the elementary school and on developing pre-service teachers' ability to use learning progressions to make sense of mathematics and children’s learning.