Matt Wyneken, Ph.D.

“At the very center of the way we will revolutionize mathematics education in this country will be the elementary and early childhood mathematics specialists who support classroom mathematics instruction.” Dr. Matt Wykneken

As a mathematics teacher educator, Dr. Matt Wyneken enjoys learning from his students as much as he enjoys teaching them. Dr. Wyneken’s research interests include learning how children make sense of mathematics, and how math anxiety develops in individuals and spreads through society. He is the president-elect of the Michigan Chapter of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

Dr. Matt Wyneken joined the University of Michigan-Flint in the Mathematics Department in 1986. It was not until 2007 when he joined the Education Department. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1985. Dr. Wyneken’s additional research interests include how our society has become so math anxious. Dr. Wyneken has worked as a classical complex analyst and number theorist, and now works as a mathematics teacher educator. During his three years at Grand Valley State University from 2004 – 2007 he asserts that he earned his “informal master’s degree in math education” by working with and studying under some of the finest math educators anywhere. He began working in math education in 1995, nearly full time beginning around 2001, and full time since 2004. Dr. Wyneken is the coordinator of the Elementary Education Mathematics programs and a faculty member in the Detroit Teacher Project.