Why UM-Flint

What Sets UM-Flint's Mathematics (MA) Program Apart?


UM-Flint's Master of Arts in Mathematics is designed to address the needs of a wide variety of students including current and prospective teachers, members of the workforce needing to deepen their understanding of mathematics, recent graduates in pursuit of further credentials, and international students.

  • The 18-30 month program is part-time with evening and summer classes on the UM-Flint campus, scheduled to accommodate students with a wide variety of work schedules. 
  • The program is comprised of 30 graduate credit hours, including four core classes and a flexible set of electives.
  • Course instructors are student-focused and have doctoral degrees.
  • Fall 2016 New Students:  You are eligible for competitive scholarships and research assistantships if you apply by August 1.
  • UM-Flint MA in Mathematics students have access to resources of the world-renowned University of Michigan system.


Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or related field (physics, chemistry, computer science) from an accredited institution including coursework through at least multivariate calculus and some proof-oriented courses
  • A minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale


To be considered for admission, submit the following to the Office of Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson Library:

Application Deadlines

The program has rolling admissions and reviews completed applications each month.

Application deadlines are as follows:     

  • Fall (early deadline*) – May 1
  • Fall (final deadline) – August 1
  • Winter – November 15
  • Spring – March 15

*You must apply for admission by the early deadline to be eligible for scholarships, grants, and research assistantships.

International students are required to apply earlier than the deadlines posted here. The final deadlines for international students are May 1 for the fall semester and September 1 for the winter semester.


Mathematics (Master of Arts)


  1. Formal admission to the program.
  2. Core courses (12 credits).
    MTH 501 - Mathematical Modeling. 
    MTH 502 - Paths and Surfaces. 
    MTH 503 - Axiomatic Mathematics. 
    MTH 504 - Recent Developments in Mathematics.  
  3. Algebra (3-12 credits).  At least one from:
    MTH 527 - Coding Theory. 
    MTH 528 - Modern Algebra. 
    MTH 529 - Advanced Linear Algebra. 
    MTH 531 - Conics and Cubics.  
  4. Analysis (3-13 credits).  At least one from:
    MTH 556 - Real Analysis. 
    MTH 557 - Advanced Calculus. 
    MTH 570 - Complex Variables. 
    MTH 572 - Probability.  
  5. Electives.  Additional courses from the list below, * chosen with consent of the program director, to complete a total of at least 30 credits.
    MTH 505 - Differential Equations. 
    MTH 522 - Foundations of Mathematics. 
    MTH 523 - Elementary Topology of the Linear Continuum. 
    MTH 534 - College Geometry. 
    MTH 554 - Number Theory. 
    MTH 562 - Combinatorics with Applications. 
    MTH 574 - Introduction to Numerical Analysis. 
    MTH 575 - Mathematical Statistics. 
    MTH 577 - Methods of Operations Research. 
    MTH 585 - History of Mathematics. 
    MTH 590 - Problem-Solving Seminar. 
    MTH 591 - Independent Study. 
    MTH 592 - Selected Topics. 
    EDR 541 - Assessment-Based Literacy Instruction in Secondary Classrooms. 
  6. An average grade of at least B (3.0) in required courses.

Time Limit for Degree Completion
A student must complete all work toward the Master of Arts in Mathematics within six consecutive years from the date of first admission to the program.  Students may, however, petition for an extension of this time limit.  Approval of an extension is at the discretion of the program director and/or program faculty.

Sample Program of Study

Year 1
MTH 501 MTH 590 
Fall:  MTH 572 
Winter:  MTH 502  

Year 2
MTH 503 , MTH 527 
Fall:  MTH 557 
Winter:  MTH 585  

Year 3
MTH 504 MTH 562 .



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