Change of Program

Who should apply for a change of program?

Who should NOT apply for a change of program?

  • A current UM-Flint graduate student seeking to change their current concentration or add a second or third concentration (if permitted).  Students in this situation should contact their department or program; no application is required.
  • Alumni of Dearborn or Ann Arbor who graduated from a college or school outside the Rackham School of Graduate Studies (for example, the Ross School of Business or the Law School).  Students in this situation would submit a regular Application for Graduate Admission.
  • Students who were previously enrolled in a UM-Flint graduate program who have been absent from the program for over one year and seek to re-enroll in the same program must apply using an Application for Graduate Readmission.

General Information

Applicants must submit supporting documents as required by the proposed program of study if not previously submitted for admission to the current program of study. Examples would be a new essay (e.g., Statement of Purpose) that addresses the reasons for selecting the proposed program of study, updated transcripts for any coursework taken outside UM-Flint since beginning the first program of study, and test scores if required by the proposed program. Check the proposed program's application requirements and application deadline dates.

Steps in the Application Process

  1. Submit application materials to the Office of Graduate Programs, University of Michigan-Flint, 303 E. Kearsley St., Flint, MI 48502-1950:
    1. Application for Dual Degree or Change of Program [can be faxed to (810) 766-6789]
    2. New essay (such as a Statement of Purpose) as required by the proposed program of study
    3. Academic transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your admission to the first graduate program of study at UM-Flint.
    4. Other documents required for admission by the proposed program of study.
  2. Office of Graduate Programs will send application and associated documents to the program of study for review. Program of study will inform the applicant of decision to admit or deny.
  3. International Students:  If admitted, contact the International Center to issue a new I-20 if more time as a University of Michigan-Flint student will be needed to complete the program(s).