Nickname:  Phi Sigs
Colors:  King Blue and Gold
Symbol: Sphinx
Flower:  American Beauty Rose
National Founding Date:  November 26, 1913
Local Founding Date:  April 16, 1994
Chapter Name:  Theta Iota

We're All About Learning

The women of Phi Sigma Sigma share a commitment to lifelong learning. We teach each other and learn from each other. We make academic achievement a priority, fostering an environment that encourages our membership to reach their highest potential. 

We're All About Serving 

Phi Sigma Sigmas value making a difference in the lives of others. Hence, they become leaders in their communities, their professions, and their sisterhood. Leadership through service comes naturally to our women as we cultivate personal growth by seeking opportunities to serve. 

We're All About Sisterhood

Phi Sigma Sigma is a dynamic sisterhood of women with different backgrounds but similar values. Our commitment to inclusiveness binds us, and results in stronger women who embrace individuality and share this philosophy with the world.

For more information about the Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, contact:

President: Jordan Reynolds     


Recruitment Chair: Victoria Seitz    


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