Saturday Morning Academy

The Health Careers Opportunity Program is offering 2, 10 week programs called Saturday Morning Academy which exposes students to the redesigned SAT exam with academic and strategic instruction, practice testing, and college test-taking strategies. Students will receive information on scholarships, financial aid, and college admissions.


SMA will include math, science, english, and reading classes along with an Academic and College Prep class which will house workshops related to test anxiety, financial aid, college admissions, and tutoring sessions.


increase students' SAT scores

increase students' preparation for college

introduce students to a variety of health career opportunities


Students will receive a stipend for participation and attendance in the program of up to $400. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must attend a Flint Community School, Flint Public Charter School, Genesee Early College, or Mott Middle College.

Must be in 9-12th grade

Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5