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What is a Uniqname?

Basics Your uniqname (pronounced “unique name”) is a personal identifier that is required for using computing services […]

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What is Proofpoint? (Detailed Information)

Introduction The purpose of this¬†quicknote is to explain how the email that originates from outside this organization […]

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What is MediaBin?

Basics: Media Bin can be used for hosting, storing and retrieving images from sites. There are […]

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Locating Your Service Tag or Serial Number

To better serve the campus ITS is requiring the service tag or serial number from your windows […]

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FormAssembly- General Information

¬†FormAssembly – The University of Michigan-Flint Form Solution What is FormAssembly? FormAssembly is a web form creation […]

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What is Google Analytics?

Before You Begin: This Quicknote is designed to provide a brief summation of Google Analytics.   What […]

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