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Email Encryption at UM-Flint

What is Email Encryption?

  • Email encryption is a secure way to send emails that contain private personal data about yourself, coworkers, patients, and students.

What Types of Encryption are Available?

  • Here at UM-Flint we have made multiple types of encryption available to our faculty and staff members.  These types include internal messaging within the domain- using Outlook, Mac Mail, and Webmail – as well as external messaging from a user to a non umflint user.

How do I get an encryption certificate? (Mac and Windows Users)

  • Contact the ITS Helpdesk and place a work ticket to have Security Services assist you with creating and using email encryption.  After placing a ticket it could take up to 3 business days to receive your certificate and be ready to send and receive encrypted emails.

Where do I Find More Information?

  • For more information on how to use the types encryption here at UM-Flint please reference the information below. If you have any questions or need any further assistance beyond the basics provided below please contact the ITS HelpDesk at 810-766-6804 or to set up a meeting with a member of Security Services.

Sending an encrypted email using Entourage:

  1. Open a new message
  2. Write your message as you would normally
  3. Click Message in the top toolbar
  4. Click Security
  5. Click Encrypt Message
  6. Click Send
  7. Click yes on the message “Do you want to search the LDAP server for the user”

Encryption for Windows:

  • To send a message with Outlook 2010 (Images to Come)
    1. Type the message as you normally would
    2. Click on the Option tab at the top of your message
    3. Click the Arrow Box in the bottom right of the More Options Section
    4. Click Security Settings
    5. Select Encrypt Message Contents and Attachments
    6. Click OK
    7. Click Close
    8. Click Send
  • To send a message with Outlook 2007
    1. Open Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
    2. Click New
    3. Type the message as you normally would
    4. Click the Arrow Box in the bottom right of the Message Options Section
    5. Click Security Settings in the new window
    6. Select Encrypt Message Contents and Attachments
    7. Click OK
    8. Click Close
    9. Click Send

Encryption for Web Access:

***To use email encryption for web access you need to be using Internet Explorer version 7 or above ***

  • Setting Up Web Access for Encryption (Needed For First Use Only)
    • Click Options (found in the top right of the screen)
    • Click See All Opitons…
    • Click Settings (found on the left of the screen)
    • Click S/MIME
    • Click Download the S/MIME Control
      • Click Okay/Run/Yes on any windows that pop up
      • Once all of the boxes go away the S/MIME control should be installed
  • Using Email Encryption
    • Open a new message and type your message as you normally would.
    • Click the Encrypt button, it is an envelope with a blue padlock.
    • Click Send

External Encryption:

  • External encryption is used for sending messages outside of the domain. To encrypt something to send outside of the university domain you will need to be using the outlook application, not web access.

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