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How to Direct My Documents to your Homedrive in Windows 7

Before You Begin:

In order to complete the directions detailed below you must be logged into a computer on-campus running Windows 7. Follow these directions on the computer that you use most on campus. Following these steps will only relocate the “My Documents” folder on a single computer, not everyone you log into on campus (unless you repeat the steps for all computers you use).


This Quicknote requries the computer you will be using to have Windows 7 installed. 

Directing the “My Documents” folder to your H: Drive:

1. Log on to an on campus computer.

2. Click on Start, click on Computer.  


3. Select the drop down arrow next to Documents from the menu that appears; right click on “My Documents” and select Properties.



4. A My Documents Properties window will appear. Make sure that the Location tab is selected.

5. In the text box type in H:\My Documents\ as shown below.  


6. Press OK. If this is the first time you have followed the steps in this Quick Note a message will pop up asking you if you would like to create the folder, Press Yes.


7. You will then receive a message asking you if you would like to move all of the files currently contained in My Documents to the new location.  Press Yes.  



Your My Documents folder is now located on your H:// drive. Any files you have saved to My Documents previously or in the future will now be accessible to you from any computer that can access your H:// drive.

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