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What is a Blog?

Blog Basics:

A blog is a webpage comprised of usually short, frequently updated items and web links.  Blogging is a publishing tool that can be used for many purposes such as: traditional journals, personal journals, group discussions, and many combinations between.

Who can make a blog?

Blogging is for everyone; any one can create a blog using one of the many free blog hosting sites. ITS provides the University of Michigan- Flint faculty/staff with free blog hosting via

How can I make a blog hosted by UM-Flint?

Any Faculty, Staff, and Students may visit to create a blog.  The number of blogs that you can create at this site is not limited, but you should only make a blog if you intend to keep it up to date.

To Make a Blog

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Create a Blog and follow the steps.

This will be prompt you to enter the name of your blog and Voila, You’re Blogging! 

Logging into Your Blog:

  1. In the address bar of your browser type the web address for your blog with /wp-admin added to the end.
    • Example: If your blog address was to login to your blog you would go to

 To make additional blogs:

  1. Return to your blog and login.
  2. Click UM-Flint Blogs at the top of left of the screen.
  3. This page will provide you a list of all of your current blogs as well as an option to create more blogs.

DO NOT try to create a new username because it will not work.  If you click on the “Create blog link” before logging in, you will be asked to create a username; return to the blogs homepage and log in, then try to make a new blog.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like to join the wonderful world of blogging, but need a little more information, there is plenty available. 

For instructions on creating/editing a blog try browsing some of the documentation available from WordPress which can be found at: <>.

  • The section which applies to users is “Posting in WordPress”.

You can also visit the following UM-Flint pages for assistance with your blog.

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