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What is Podcasting?


Podcasting is defined as providing a media file over the internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players (such as iPods) and personal computers. The process of recording a media file to broadcast in this manner is also referred to as podcasting. The term “podcasting” was adopted from the iPod, a device manufactured by Apple. XML files, often called “feeds”, are used to subscribe to the podcasts placed online.

Who can make a Podcast?

Anyone! Technically anyone can record a podcast and share it, as long as they have a server to place the audio file on and a “feed” for potential listeners to subscribe to. The ITS department provides both of these necessities for faculty and staff to create podcasts for the campus community. Unfortunately, at this time students cannot host their podcasts on university servers.

What is the purpose of a Podcast?

Podcasts are valuable educational tools that are becoming increasingly common on campuses across the nation. Faculty members can record their class lectures and make them available for students via podcasts. Providing students with a podcast lecture not only makes it easier for anyone who missed the lecture to catch up, but it also allows students who were there to review key points. Imagine how much more students can learn when they have access to a lecture 24 hours a day. Departments can use podcasts to share news in an interesting innovative style, or to advertise upcoming events the way one might broadcast on the radio.

How do I make my Podcasts available?

Faculty and staff need a Blackboard account to host their audio files. The audio files can be stored in your “Content Collection” on Blackboard. Once you have the URL for the audio file you can generate a feed by visiting the ITS Podcast Feed Generator at:

Where can I find more information on Podcasting? For more information on podcasting checkout the ITS project page for podcasting at:

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