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Using to Change Your Forgotten LAN Password

Before You Begin

These steps are for Faculty, Staff, and Students who do not remember their current LAN password or who are having trouble with their current LAN password.

Students who have never had a LAN password should go to and in the upper right corner click “Account” then click “Forgot Password?“.

Video Assistance

Changing your Forgotten LAN Password

  1. Navigate to in any browser.
  2. Type your uniqname into the blank provided and click Search.
  3. Answer the questions provided and click Check Responses. (Answers are NOT case sensitive.)
  4. If you get your questions correct you will be prompted to change your password (Step 5), however if you get your questions wrong you will be locked out of the system.
    • Repeating step 4 to many times will result in your LAN account being locked.  If your LAN account becomes locked or  if you are having trouble with answering your security questions please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810- 762-3123 for assistance.
  5. Type your new password in both blanks provided. Once you have typed your password twice and it meets the minimum requirements the change password button will activate.
    • Be sure your password meets the requirements listed at the top of the page. As you type your new password a guide will appear to help you meet the requirements.

    • A strength meter will appear to the right of your new password to help you see how
      strong your new password is.
  6. Click Change Password to change your password.
  7. Once your password has been changed the following screen will appear and you will be done.
  8. Click Continue on this screen to navigate back to the password manager main menu.


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