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Using to Change Your Security Questions

Before You Begin

You will need to know your LAN password in order to change your security questions.  If you do not know the answers to your current security questions and you do not know your current LAN password you will need to contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123 for assistance. 

 Changing Your Security Questions

  1. Navigate to in any browser. Login using your uniqname and LAN password.
  2. Click Setup Password Responses from the options menu.
  3. Select a question from each dropdown and provide your answer in the blank provided.
  4. Click Save Responses to save your new security questions and answers. (These will NOT be case sensitive.)
  5. Confirm that your responses are what you thought you typed and click Confirm Responses. (If something is wrong you can click Go Back to change your answers.)
  6. Once your responses have been confirmed the following screen will appear and you will be done. Click Continue on this screen to return to the password manager main menu.

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