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What is the Password Change Policy?

The ITS Helpdesk will be adhering to the following procedure when changing passwords of students, faculty, and staff. This policy refers to LAN, Kerberos, and Banner passwords. Please note that ITS will unlock a user’s account once without identity verification.

Users are required to appear in person at one of the three ITS Helpdesk locations with photo ID for password changes. In the event a user is unable to come to campus (i.e. user is a NetPlus! Student) as long as there is not a red flag on the account, then the Helpdesk will do the following:

  1. Identity Verification
  2. There are two available options for finishing the ID verification process
    1. Verify two (2) Security Questions – if we cannot verify both questions the Helpdesk will be required to call the client back.
    2. Call the Client – After verifying the ID the Helpdesk will then call the client at one of the phone numbers on file in Banner of UM Emergency Alerts with the users permission. The Helpdesk staff MUST call the client at a number on file with the university.
  3. Changing the password – The Helpdesk will then change the password to a random password which the user must change at their first login.

In the event the information on file with the University for the user is not up-to-date, the user will need to update the information in SIS, with the office of the Registrar, or Human Resources before the Helpdesk can change the password.

In the event that the user has a red flag on their account the Helpdesk will need to see the user in person with two forms of valid photo ID before any changes can be made with the account.

Only students can update this information by accessing SIS. Students may contact the Helpdesk if they need assistance with this. Faculty and staff can contact University Human Resources to update their contact information.

NOTE: ITS recommends that all students, faculty, and staff update their information in the UM Emergency Alert system. For information on how to do this, please visit the following website: ITS also recommends that people who travel often add a mobile phone number to their personal information in Banner, with Human Resources, or in the UM Emergency Alert System.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-766-6804 or email

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