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Protecting My Computer


Computers makes everyone’s life easier, however if your computer gets infected with a virus or spyware then that computer makes your life miserable but it can also possibly compromise your personal private information(PPI) such as passwords, social security number, and banking information.

General Tips, although all anti- virus/spyware have the same goal of keeping your computer safe, the software needs your help to keep everything up to date.

In general, you always want to update your anti-virus/spyware definitions before you run any scans on your computer.  This will allow the software to scan for the latest possible threats that could attack your computer.  Scams due to the nature of certain viruses and spyware often try to emulate the appearance of anti-virus/spyware software.  If a program you do not remember installing is asking you to pay a fee to protect your computer, and is noticing hundreds of viruses/infections, it would be advised that you proceed with caution as that program may indeed be the virus/spyware.

Common Scams:

  • AntiVirus 2010
  • AntiVirus 360
  • Internet Antivirus Pro

Legitimate (Good) Software:

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