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Setting Up Your SIS Proxy Account as a Proxy User

Before You Begin

These steps are for a proxy user that would like to configure their SIS Proxy Access.  This will allow the proxy user to access the student’s SIS account information.  Please note that the student must add your email address as a proxy user using SIS before this process can be started.

Setting Up Your SIS Proxy Account as a Proxy

  1. Check your email for an email from with the subject New Proxy Identity.
  2. This email will contain a link and PIN that will allow you to set up your SIS Proxy account.  Click that link.SIS Proxy Access proxy account set up confirmation email
  3. After clicking the link you will be taken to a webpage that will ask for your Action Password.  In the text field type the PIN that is in the previous email and click Submit.SIS Proxy Access proxy account setup initial log in
  4. You will then be asked to reset your PIN.
  5. In the text fields that appear enter your email address, old PIN (from the email), new PIN, validate new PIN, then click save.SIS Proxy Access proxy account setup password reset
  6. You will then be taken to the SIS Proxy Access Login Screen.SIS Proxy Access proxy log in blank


Your Proxy Access has been setup, you will now be able to access the student information you have been authorized to view.  The next step is to view the students information in SIS Proxy Access.

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