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What is SIS?

What is SIS?

  • SIS, Student Information System, provides the university with a way to securely make student information available online.
  • SIS is currently accessible from any where you have access to the internet. This allows users to access it from remote locations such as at home or work. You are not required to be on campus to access SIS.

Note: Some businesses, libraries, and schools (other than University of Michigan-Flint), block the port through which SIS transmits data. If you are having problems accessing SIS from one of these places contact the network administrator and ask about unblocking port 443. If you are having problems accessing it from home check to make sure that you do not have a firewall set up to block this port.

Who can access SIS?

  • All faculty and students have access to SIS.
  • Faculty can access class lists and submit grades.
  • Students can access financial aid information, register for classes, change Kerberos password, and check their transcripts all through SIS.

How do I access SIS?

  • You can access SIS anywhere with internet access by visiting .
  • Your User Id will be your Uniqname.
  • Your password will be your LAN password.

If you have forgotten it you may contact the ITS HelpDesk at 810-766-6804 to have it reset or visit

Where can I learn more about how to use SIS?

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