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Configuring the Emergency Alert System in SIS


The Emergency Alert System is a new system setup by the university to inform the campus community of immediate dangers and emergencies on campus.  To utilize this system, you must register your phone numbers/emails through SIS. It is strongly encouraged that all students sign up for the Emergency Alert System.

Configuring the Emergency Alert System

  1. Login to the SIS system:
  2. Click Personal Information
  3. Click Sign Up for UM-Flint Emergency Alerts
  4. Register up to 2 phone  numbers, and up to 1 text messaging number.  A phone number consists of the area code, phone number, and the optional International Access Code.
  5. Add – Allows you to add a new number to the specified category. 
  6. Edit – Allows you to edit a number that is already in the system for that category
  7. Delete – Allows you to delete the specified number.  Only delete the number if you wish to not receive the alerts at the specified number.
  8. When a number is entered, be sure to click Save

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