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What is an Mcard?


What is an Mcard?

The Mcard is an ID card for students, faculty and staff of the University of Michigan-Flint. The Mcard features a photo of the holder, the holders name and association (student or department for faculty and staff), and UMID. The Mcard functions are:

  • ID verification for many offices on campus.
  • Allows access to the ITS computer labs.
  • An ID card for the Recreation Center.
  • A library card and debit card for using the copiers in the France Wilson Library.
  • A debit card for the Dinning Dollars meal plan account in the Riverfront Dinning room and the University Center Food Court (Stacks Deli, Grill 115, and Smart Market).
  • Faculty and Staff who pay for parking on the UM-Flint campus can easily use their Mcard for parking in the faculty/staff parking facilities on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus.

ITS distributes parking permits and/or validation stickers to students in conjunction with the Mcard distribution at the beginning of the semester (preferred method) in the University Pavilion and continuing throughout the semester at the Mcard stations in the open computer labs at 206 MSB and 3174 WSW.

Where can I get an Mcard?

To obtain your new Mcard or replacement Mcard, please visit one of the Mcard stations located in 206 Murchie Science Building computer lab or the 3174 William S. White computer lab. These Mcard stations are open during normal lab hours. The lab consultants will take your picture for the Mcard. To obtain your Mcard you must have a Government issued photo ID with you.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Mcards

There is a $10.00 fee to replace Mcards that are lost, stolen or damaged. You must pay the fee at the Cashier’s Office located at 261 University Pavilion and bring the receipt the the Mcard station before the Mcard can be replaced.

For cards that must be replaced due to name or department change, expired cards, or a card that no longer functions due to normal wear, no fee will be charged. When requesting a replacement of this nature, your old Mcard must be returned at the Mcard station.

Note: All photo ID and non-photo ID cards are property of the University of Michigan and must be surrendered upon request.

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