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What is a Uniqname?


Your uniqname (pronounced “unique name”) is a personal identifier that is required for using computing services across the U-M campuses.  You must have a uniqname in order to use the computers on campus, to check your email, or to access the library online.  You do not need a uniqname to use SIS.


Uniqname’s are assigned to new students once they are admitted.  A new student’s “Campus Computer Account” is also created upon the student’s admission into the University.  New students may activate their Campus Computer Account by following these directions:

    1. Login to SIS by visiting (the default PIN for new students is your 6 digit birthday)
    2. Click Personal Information
    3. Click My Campus Computer Account

This screen will provide you with the information necessary to configure your “Campus Computer Account” including your uniqname, email address, and the ability to set your LAN/Kerberos password.  Once you have activated your campus computing account, you may begin using the computers on campus.

As a student you may use your uniqname to access your email online at, login to the computers in the computer labs, and to access the library webproxy.

Faculty/Staff Members

Uniqname’s are assigned to new faculty/staff members through Human Resources at the beginning of their employment with the University.  Once your account and uniqname are created, a designated individual in your department will be notified with the relevant information within 2-3 business days.  You may receive your account information from them.

As a faculty/staff you may use your uniqname to access your email online at, login to the computers on campus, to access the library webproxy, and to view your personal information on Wolverine access at

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