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What is MediaBin?


Media Bin can be used for hosting, storing and retrieving images from sites. There are two ways to access it: A way to access Media Bin itself, and through the CMS. You need access to the CMS to be able to access Media Bin in the CMS; contact if you need access the CMS.

You will need to have verfication from your department in order to gain access to the CMS.

Access for Everyone:

  1. To use the Media Bin, go to and log in with your LAN name and password.
  2. Once inside, you can explore the folders which contain the images for UM-Flint.
  3. To download an image, click on the name of the image.
  4. A pop up window showing the statistics and description of the image will appear, along with a condensed version of the picture.
  5. Next, click on Action, and then click on Download.
  6. Click Submit. The file will be prepared for you to download to your computer.
  7. Click on the name of the image again and save to your computer.

Access for CMS Developers:

Once in the CMS, or at,
1. Import the Image:

Browse to the folder where you wish to put the photos, which are usually placed in an image folder.
Click on the Import icon on the work area toolbar or choose File > Import from the CMS main menu.
When the screen at right appears, choose the radio button to the left of from MediaBin and click the OK button.

2. Browsing Mediabin:

You will then be able to browse the MediaBin folders for videos, logos, photos, maps, icons, and Department Headers.


If you receive a message that Java is not installed on your machine, consult the Installing Java section of the Webguide at

3. Found an Image:

When you locate the photo that you wish to import into your CMS workarea, select it by clicking on it, then click the OK button.

4. Check the Image:

When the image is successfully imported into your CMS workarea, you will need to check its size before including it on your page. Preview the image by clicking on its filename in your CMS workarea file list.

5. Resize the Image:

  • To download the image to your local machine, follow the instructions in the Webguide section Downloading Files at
  • To edit the image or resize it, follow the instructions in the Webguide section Working With Images at
  • Then re-import the edited image from your local machine.
  • To include an image on your page, follow the instructions in the Webguide section Including Images on Your TeamSite at

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