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What is the Personal Directory – H Drive?

What is the Personal Directory – H Drive?

  • Your personal directory is space allocated on the server that is assigned to each student, faculty, or staff member. This allows you to save information at school without using disks. It is commonly referred to as the H:\Drive for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Only you have access to information you save in your personal directory. Each individual is allotted 500 MB of space to save files of any type.

How to Use the Personal Directory on a Campus Computer:

  • If you need to save a file on your personal directory, just choose “Save As,” in the “File” menu of any application. Choose the drive with your Uniqname on it and click “Save” as usual.
  • To open a file from your personal directory while in an application, simply click “File,” click “Open” and choose your personal directory (look for your Uniqname). You will then be able to open any files that are saved on that drive.

How to Access Your Personal Directory On Campus:

  • Simply double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop. Scroll down until you find the drive that has your Uniqname on it. That is your personal directory. It can also be accessed in any application you may use while on the computer.
  • The personal directory works like any other drive that you have access to such as a flash drive or external hard drive.

How to Access Your Personal Directory Off Campus:

  • Open a Java supported web browser and navigate to
    • Your H Drive will appear on the first screen when logging into the VPN.

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