December Newsletter

Important Dates: 

  • December 3: 2014-2015 Wyatt Exploration Program Travel Application will be available. The application will be sent out via e-mail and can also be found at the History Department website or in the History Department office.
  • December 10: Wyatt Movie Series presents Space Battleship Yamato. 6:00-9:00pm 351 FH.

  • December 15: Christmas Customs in the British Isles: Join Dr. John Ellis in the exploration of traditional customs celebrating Christmas and New Years from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 6:30-8:00pm at Cromaine Library, Hartland, MI. Register for this event on the Cromaine Library website:
  • December: Christmas at Whaley House: A Walk Through the Pages: A Christmas Carol! In addition to the entrie House being decorated in its full holiday splendor, the bedrooms are each decorated to represent a character from Dicken's classic tale. Information about the characters, their various film interpretations, and Dickens will also be presented. We have serveral opportunities for you to experience Christmas at the Whaley House this year. For more information check the Whaley Historic House Museum website:

Additional Information:

  • Last day of classes: December 11th
  • Exams: December 15-20th 
  • Commencement: December 14th
  • New member of the department: Seymour got his name from his Godfather, Dr. Bruce Rubenstein, and he is a Peace Lily, which is a tropical plant. He likes his soil to be moist and he loves the humidity. This is his first winter in Michigan and he is not happy with the cold at all. Some background on Seymour was that he is a rescue plant. He was orphaned when he was very young and was forced to work in funeral homes. He is very happy to be here with the History Department, but he can be a little dramatic when it comes to the weekends. Over the weekends when nobody is here he gets sad and lonely, so that is why he looks so droopy come Monday mornings. The next time you in the office please say “hi”, he would love to meet everyone!