Past Interns

Winter 2014:

Whalley Historic House Museum: Jessica Carroll

Jessica's Blog

Just an Intern Braving the weather!
Haunting of Whaley's Past
Whaley Website gets a makeover!
Intern takes on cataloging
Using Domesticity: Women and Their Work in the Nineteenth Century


Fall 2013:
Whaley Historic House Museum: Melanee Riegel
Melanee's Blogs
Sloan Museum: Renee Gonzalez
Buick Gallery: Kevin Reed
Fall 2012:
Whaley Historic House Museum: Heather Workman
Sloan Museum: Megan Vuillemot
Buick Gallery: Sarah Stroup
Winter 2012:
Buick Gallery: Samantha Bol
Fall 2011:
Whaley Historic House Museum: Kristie DaFoe
Sloan Museum: Jennifer Ross
Buick Gallery: Brian Machuk
Winter 2011 Intern:
Buick Gallery: Jessica Woodruff
Fall 2010 Intern:
Sloan Museum: Angela Passarelli


Winter 2010 Intern:
Buick Gallery: Rachel McNinch

Fall 2009 Intern:
Sloan Museum: Shannon Cole