Changing Your Major

If you change your major, or if you are undecided and choose a major, it is essential to fill out a Change of Major form. 
Failure to update your major may have serious consequences. 
  • If you do not update your major in a timely fashion, you will be forced to adhere to the requirements  for your major listed in the most recent catalog.
  • Because requirements for the major often change, from catalog to catalog, you may find that you have not fulfilled the requirements for the most recent catalog and will not be able to graduate as you expected.
  • You will then need to fulfill the changed requirements listed in the new catalog before you can graduate with your degree.
  • Failure to update your major may also prevent you from receiving scholarships available only to students within your discipline.


It is important to consult with the Honors Director when you decide to change your major.

Change your major by downloading and filling out a Change of Major Form available through the Registrar's Office. Be sure to have your advising file transferred to the department of your new major.