Honors GPA Requirement

Continuation in the Honors Program is not automatic. Students’ academic record is taken into consideration each semester before the student is allowed to continue in the program.

3.5 is the cumulative grade point average required to remain eligible for good standing in the honors program.

Students who do not meet the requirement will be given a one-semester probation period to raise their GPA and their status in the program will be reconsidered at the end of that semester.

Minimum GPA Requirements Freshman/Sophomore Level

  • Four-Year Program Students may remain in the program until the end of the freshman/sophomore level of the program if they maintain a 3.3 gpa or above.


Minimum GPA Requirements to enter the Junior/Senior Phase

  • In order to continue into the the junior/senior phase of the program, you should have a minimum 3.5 gpa.
  • However, you may continue in the program with a minimum 3.4 gpa with the understanding that you will retake courses to improve your gpa to meet the final graduating requirement of 3.5.


Off-Campus GPA Requirement

  • In order to be eligible for off-campus support you must have a minimum cumulative 3.4 gpa.


Graduation Requirement

  • To graduate with the Honors Program designation on your transcript, you must have a 3.5 cumulative gpa