Research Report

  1. This report is required only if you have received funds from either the Office of Research or the Annual Fund or both.
  2. The report includes a cover sheet and a one page single spaced report outlining your research experience.
  3. The Honors Program Post-Off-Campus Narrative focuses on your personal experiences and may include a report of your research.
  4. The emphasis of the Annual Fund and Office of Research report, by contrast, is primiarly on your research experience.
  5. The research report begins with a brief summary of your initial Off-Campus proposal to orient the reader.
  6. You then describe exactly what you did, who you worked with, how it worked out. You need to show what you learned and how it affected your understanding of the research involved.
  7. You may also describe educational experiences while traveling or at the site, or any experiences that allowed you to grow personally, such as meeting new people, discovering new surroundings or different cultures.
  8. You will need to describe the product of your research, and your plans for carrying the research further by presenting at a conference, completing a thesis, and so forth.
  9. See the samples on Blackboard to guide you.
  10. Expect to write several drafts, and submit them to the honors director and/or your advisor for comments on how to improve them before sending them to the office of research and the annual fund.
  11. If you do not complete this report and send them the budget report and receipts (copies), you must repay the scholarship money.