Honors Seminar HON 498 (Formerly HON 390)

What is the Honors Senior Seminar?

  1. This is a capstone course for the honors program designed to enrich the honors curriculum.
  2. It emphasizes interdisciplinary studies, one of the important focuses of the honors program.
  3. It also provides evidence that the student has gone beyond his or her discipline throughout the course of study.
  4. Employers, graduate schools and professional schools are strongly impressed by the student's ability to work outside his or her discipline in a senior course.


When do I enroll in the Senior Seminar?

  1. Students generally take the course in the winter semester after they have completed their off-campus experience.
  2. If a senior has completed the off-campus study semester at the end of his or her program (just prior to graduating), the student may take the course before going off campus.
  3. In some cases, considerations of when the seminar fits into the student's schedule, as in the case of an education degree, will determine when the course is taken.
  4. The seminar is generally given in the winter semester.