Advising Freshman/Sophomore Honors Students

All freshman and sophomore Honors students take four core courses together as a class.  These classes are taken sequentally:

  • Fall and Winter semesters of freshman year
    • HON 155 h (5 cr) (Great Books I)
    • HON 156 h (5 cr) (Great Books II)
  • Fall and Winter semesters of sophomore year
    • HON 251 s (3 cr) (Great Ideas I)
    • HON 252 s (3 cr) (Great Ideas II)

These courses fulfill a variety of general education/area option requirements:

  1. General Education Requirements for English 111 and English 112 are fulfilled by Honors 155 (5 cr) and 156 (5 cr) which combines a writing workshop with the study of literary texts as in a regular introductory literature/humanities course.
  2. 8 Humanities credits are also fulfilled by HON 155, 156. Students need one additional course in a different area to complete the Humanities requirements.
  3. 6 Social Science Credits are fulfilled by HON 251 and 252. (One additional course required to complete humanities requirements of 9 credits in two fields)


Honors Elections

Students are also required to complete three Honors Elections by the end of sophomore year, out of a total of five over the entire course of study. These are independent study projects carried out in conjunction with a non-honors course.

  1. Two of the five Honors Elections must be outside the students’ major area of study.
  2. One Honors Election may be fulfilled as service for a department, for the Honors Program, or through the Service Learning Office. The service election is considered outside the student’s major.
  3. Students may undertake an independent study, HON 292 (1 -3 cr) as an Honors Election by consent of the Honors Director and the professor who guides the student and assigns the grade.


Foreign Language Requirement

All students complete a foreign language, by taking 111, 112, and 205 (1 credit) or 211 (3 credits). This requirement may also be met by placement out of the 211 level. The 205 (1 credit) course is a supplementary conversation course.

HON 498, Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar required