Guidelines for Administrative Positions

a. Director’s Responsibilities:

• Supervise general administration and budget for Honors Program

• Preside at meetings of Honors Council

• Provide leadership for development of program and its evaluation

• Provide information to departmental chairs and advisors

• Maintain liaison with departments and programs

• make staffing and scheduling arrangements for Honors Courses and Seminars

• Advise Honors Students in all phases of the program

• Recruit promising candidates in collaboration with Admissions Office

• Supervise the application process, including screening, interviews and final selection

b. Honors Council Responsibilities:

• Meet periodically with Honors Program Faculty to review status of program

• Advise Director concerning policies and decisions indicated below

• With advice of honors program faculty, establish, administer and review the admissions criteria for all Honors Programs

• Review curriculum and staffing of freshman and sophomore Honors courses as well as interdisciplinary Senior Seminar

• Review all concentration honors courses or honors elections in advisory capacity

• Establish requirements and standards for all honors concentration programs by mutual agreement between the council and appropriate department

• Evaluate off-campus projects and senior honors projects in collaboration with appropriate departments

• Advise concerning the , establishing of policies and procedures as needed with advice of honors program faculty

• Advise in selection of a visiting scholar

• Nominate a new director, or propose renewal of current director’s appointment

c. Departmental/School Representative Responsibilities:

• Maintain liaison with director of program

• Attend general meeting once a year

• Elect Honors Council members

• Supervise departmental honors program junior and senior year

• Appoint individual honors advisors for students

• Facilitate work of individual advisors

d. Individual Advisor Responsibilities

• Advise a designated honors student or students in the junior and senior (master’s) level of the concentration

• Provide tutorials and directed readings as necessary to fulfill requirements of school or department

• Monitor student's progress in consultation with departmental advisor and director

• Advise student in preparing for and undertaking off-campus study

• Facilitate Honors Thesis

• Select and preside over committee of readers in consultation with departmental advisor