Off-Campus Preparation Courses in Your Major

During their junior year, students enroll in a 300-level Independent Study/Research Methods course (HON 393 or the equivalent in their concentration). This course is designed for the development of the Off-Campus Study Proposal. In order to complete this course satisfactorily, students should:

work one-on-one with their departmental Honors Advisor to develop a project.

conduct individual research to find several potential locations for the Off-Campus Study Experience.

consult the Honors Director concerning required format of the proposal.

submit the proposal and a budget estimating expenses for the Off-Campus Study Experience to the advisor for approval.

submit the proposal to the Honors Director who in turn submits it to the Honors Council for approval.

See catalog for required courses in your major.

Funds are released and credit for HON 393 (or the equivalent) is given only after the completed proposal has been approved by the Honors Council.