Study Abroad Programs/Internships

  • Check the websites with its links. Check the International Studies Program web sites for major universities such as the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Michigan State University. Check all the links they offer for many programs to different countries.
  • Try for information about Scotland, Wales, England including university campuses, scholarship opportunities etc.
  • You will need to vary your contact letter according to the requirements of the program or scholarship.


The university may have a special program. You may wish to apply to the program, and be accepted as a non-candidate for a degree. Information is generally on the website of the university. For example, Trinity College Dublin has special programs in Celtic Studies etc.


  • Check the web site for listings of numerous internships both in the United States and abroad. Do a search in your area.
  • The booklet “Storming Washington” put out by the American Political Science Association has important information about internships in Washington D.C. Numerous organizations have internships, and the experiences are not just limited to the White House. You can do research, act as an assistant in an organization, work with a lobby in your area, or work personally with a congressman or senator.
  • Check with your advisor and with professors in your field concerning internship possibilities.
  • Internships require a formal application and letters of recommendation. Be sure to have several in mind, rather than just one, in order to make sure you find a place.