Basic Steps: Overview

What is an off-campus proposal?

  1. The proposal is a clearly written, well-organized grant proposal directed toward an audience of intelligent but non-specialized readers.
  2. Your readers will include your advisor, the Honors Director, and members of the Honors Council.
  3. Length: 5-6 single spaced pages minimum.


Basic Steps

  1. Do primary research.
  2. Develop notes and a plan.
  3. See sample proposals in your discipline as models.
  4. Discuss your notes and plan/outline with your advisor.
  5. Develop of rough draft, and submit it to your advisor for comments.
  6. Submit early drafts to the Honors Director for comments as well.
  7. Make revisions, and develop a final draft.
  8. Complete Cover Page, Check List, Budget.
  9. Submit final draft, both as a hard copy and electronically, to the Honors Director.
  10. A hard copy of the cover sheet signed by your advisor indicating his or her approval of the draft.
  11. The Honors Director will submit the final draft to the Honors Council for approval.
  12. You will need to make any changes requested by the Honors Director and the Honors Council before funding is released.