Travel Restrictions and Warnings

  1. Honors students may not travel to counties with State Department-issued travel warnings.
  2. Students may travel to countries with travel restrictions and advisories, but only with an accredited study abroad program whose trip leader is fluent in the target country's language or who has 24/7 access to a qualified translator.
  3. Students may not travel to a country where they are not fluent in the language of that country.  Fluency must be proven by a test given by a UM-Flint professor in the foreign language department.
  4. If the student wishes to travel to a country in which the traveler could be at risk, whether because of language barriers, or travel problems, the student must go as part of an organized group with supervisory personnel on site.
  5. The Honors Director and the Honors Council reserve the right to decide the feasibility and safety of an off-campus site, and to grant or withhold funding accordingly.
  6. No off-campus project that does not conform to these standards will be funded.