Travel Planning Abroad

You will need to make sure your have the following documents well ahead of time:


Getting a passport is a simple process:

  1. Log on to the State Department Web Site at
  2. You can download the application form, but you must apply in person (main post office, Flint. Check with other post offices about the availability of this service)
  3. You will need two photos of yourself. Stop at any photo lab, or Sear’s photo store in all main shopping centers and ask for passport photos. It takes only a few minutes. It must be current (note time limit)
  4. You will need your birth certificate and driver’s license.
  5. It takes 4 to 6 weeks, but for a small charge you can have an express application.
  6. Cost about $100 for the actual passport, $15 approximately for photos.



  1. Some countries require a visa, although most European countries, the UK and Ireland, Canada and Mexico do not.
  2. Visas are acquired at the embassies and consulates of the country. The following locater sites will give you links to the embassies


Some countries require immunizations and special precautions because of local diseases and conditions that the traveler must keep in mind.

  1. Check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Travel Information Page for disease related topics, including immunizations, a geographic map of disease outbreaks, health recommendations by region, and US State Department information on non medical issues like civil unrest, crime and natural disasters.
  2. For immunizations, check the website of the International Society of Travel Medicine. They have up-to-date information of immunizations, and immunization centers offering the most recent kinds of immunizations and medications necessary for countries were diseases such as malaria are present.



Medical Coverage for Study Abroad:

  1. All UM-Flint students who travel abroad, whether on their own or as part of a study abroad program, are required to have health insurance through HTH.
  2. In order to register for this insurance, students who travel independently need to contact the honors program admistrative assistant, Sarah Hilton-Watson.
  3. Sarah handles all of the paper work required and provides the students with a card confirming the insurance.  Students must carry this card at all times while studying abroad.
  4. HTH only covers study abroad, not study in the United States. 
  5. Students must have medical evaucation insurance, as indicated below.

Medical Coverage for Study in the United States:

  1. Students must provide proof of medical insurance that will cover them while traveling out of state.  Note, that many HMO programs cover students only within a limited region.  You may need to purchase additional insurance for the period of your off campus study.
  2. Students must have medical evaucation insurance, as indicated below.



You must enroll in Medjet Assistance in order to receive funding for the off campus study. It works like AAA roadside assistance with a one year membership. For up to 90 days outside the U.S. you have coverage at the regular cost. For longer than 90 days, your membership cost will be slightly higher. This is covered by the Honors Program. Call 1 800 527 7478. You can get the insurance over the phone with a credit card.


  1. Keep a photocopy of your passport and other identification in a separate place in your luggage, and at home in the United States so that it can be accessed.
  2. Keep an emergency information card on your person at all times including medical information (if necessary), local address and home address along with emergency numbers and information about emergency medical insurance.
  3. Do not travel anywhere, or leave your apartment or residence without identification.