Travel within the US

Join a road assistance plan

If you plan to travel by car in the United States, be sure to buy membership in a road assistance plan. The cost is relatively low for 24 hour road service and towing. Check out the AAA (American Automobile Association) AAA offers triptiks (detailed trip maps with mileage and information concerning problems and road construction), traveler’s checks, road assistance, and information for travel both in the United States and abroad. Much of this is now accessible on line. You may include expense for AAA membership in your list of expenses.

Medical Insurance

Make sure your insurance plan covers you in another state. If there are restrictions, it would be wise to take out supplemental travel medical insurance in case of an emergency.

Plot Your Course

1. Access the maps at and for information

2. Get information booklets and travel guides from AAA

3. prints driving directions for the way you want to get there, the fastest, the geographically shortest or the most scenic.

Travel with a friend or parent

If this is your first trip, you may wish to travel by car with a friend or relative, especially if you plan to drive a long distance to another part of the country or to Canada. Remember that on freeways, regular exits with large shopping centers and family restaurants are generally safer than rest stops, especially when you have an out of state license plate.

Follow simple precautions when driving

  1. Drive in the day time, not late at night.
  2. Keep your doors locked at all times.
  3. Do not pull over for anyone, including a police officer. Drive to the nearest exit, call 911.
  4. Keep your cell phone on, charged or charging, and with you in the car.
  5. Always lock your car when you leave it.
  6. Do not leave anything like a purse or planner, or briefcase visible on the seat. Cover it with a coat or towel.
  7. Cover items in your back seat with a blanket to provide less of a temptation for break-ins.
  8. Always keep your identification on your person. Never leave it in the car.
  9. Walk to and from your car with your keys ready in your hand. Do not stand around the car, spend time packing or unpacking the trunk. Walk quickly, in a business-like manner.
  10. Do not roll down the window to answer any questions from strangers no matter what the circumstances.