Admission into the Honors Program

  1. Apply to the University of Michigan-Flint.
  2. Apply to the Honors Program.
    • Freshmen: complete the Freshman application (recommended: minimum 3.7 GPA and 27 composite ACT score).
    • Junior/Senior transfers from UM-Flint and elsewhere: complete the Junior/Senior application (recommended: minimum 3.7 GPA).
  3. You will be notified of the Honors Program's decision within two to three weeks of your application.

Five Honors Program Myths “Busted”

  • Myth: You must be recruited into the Honors Program.

    BUSTED! You may apply to the Honors Program on our website:

  • Myth: Honors is primarily for English majors.

    BUSTED! Actually, only about 3% of our current Honors Students are English majors. Biology majors make up 16%, Health Sciences majors (including Nursing) 7%, Psychology majors 5%, Engineering majors 4%, and all other disciplines from Theatre to Computer Science make up the rest.

  • Myth: You will have to take a lot of extra courses in the Honors Program.

    BUSTED! There are four core courses that make up the Honors Program. These four courses replace general education courses you would have to take anyway. They are: HON 155 & 156 (English & Humanities credits), HON 251 (Global Studies credit), HON 252 (Social Sciences credit). The rest of the Honors courses count within your major, but you also end up with an awesome thesis. No other undergraduates have a thesis on their resume!

  • Myth: Honors doesn’t make a difference in your academic career.

    BUSTED! You can’t argue with statistics. 100% of all Honors students that have applied to graduate or medical school have been accepted. Honors students are virtually the only undergraduates with published papers on their resume along with a thesis, as well as off-campus research in their field of study. Make a difference? You bet it does!

  • Myth: Honors students are nerds!

    BUSTED! Oh wait… this one might be true, but Honors students are cool nerds!

Off-Campus Adventure: Ariel Fray

"I would highly recommend any student at the university to get out and live in the world if only for a month of your life, because it will be a month you will remember for your entire lifetime. I feel so much more well-rounded and cultured and I am sure that I am a better person for having taken my off campus trip." ~ Ariel Fray, Biology Major: Study Abroad in Australia