Honors Thesis Committee

You need at least three readers to form your thesis committee.  These will include:

  1. Your thesis advisor.
  2. The Honors Director.
  3. An additional reader may be chosen from among the professors in the department of your major or from a department outside your major.


When do you invite professors to be part of the committee?

  1. Don't wait until your thesis is complete to find your third reader.
  2. Ask the professor several months ahead of time.
  3. This is volunteer work, so you need to be sure to thank the professor for the help he or she is offering you.
  4. Be sure to consult with your thesis advisor and honors director about any reader you wish to invite.


During the final stages of writing your thesis, after you reach the final approved draft for your advisor and the honors director, you need to form this committee of readers. Form the committee well ahead of time, and give the members at least three weeks to read the thesis.

What do committee members do?

  1. Committee members read the final draft of the thesis.
  2. They present suggestions by email, or in person, for changes and improvements.
  3. If the student elects to do a Thesis Presentation, they attend the presentation.
  4. They make comments and may request or suggest changes, corrections, and additions.
  5. These changes must be completed and submitted both to the thesis advisor and the honors director for final approval.