Students who live in First Street Residence Hall enjoy:

  • 2- and 4-bedroom suites, including handicapped accessible suites
  • Suites that include two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a living room
  • Loft furniture
  • 24/7 staffed entryway, with key cards required for entrance
  • Laundry rooms located on each floor
  • Trash and recycling centers located on every floor
  • Multipurpose area that also serves as a classroom for special programming and seminars
  • Wireless internet throughout
  • Study lounges
  • Beautiful outdoor surroundings for activities, relaxing, and studying
  • Gas/electric, heat/air conditioning and water
  • Furniture
  • Direct TV/Cable
  • 24/7 staff and security
  • Computers and print station
  • Mail and package delivery
  • Meal plan (fall/winter)
  • Billed directly to your student account
  • Open year round
  • Social and educational programming, including Invest in Your Success (IYS mentoring program)
  • Free parking
  • Access to multi-media room
  • Keycard and UMID entry
  • Front desk service 24/7
  • 24-hour maintenance

Before moving into the First Street Residence Hall, be sure you know what amenities are available and what to bring with you.


What Are Blue Bucks All About?

Use your M-Card as a Debit Card on Campus!

Flint blue bucks can be used at all Dining Services locations on the 3rd floor UCEN, the NBC basement, First Street Residence Hall laundry and First Street Residence Hall vending, UCEN Information Center, Theatre Information Center and WSW Information Center.  Flint blue bucks may not be transferred to antoher type of meal plan and are non-refundable.  Flint blue bucks expire on the last day of final exams for the winter semester.  Additional blue bucks can be added to your M-Card by visiting 176 UCEN or online at  

Blue Bucks can be purchased online using an electronic check. An account can be set up to send low balance warnings to family members. Authorized family members can view balance and transaction history via the website and they also have the ability to reload the M-Card with Blue Bucks.

Funds remaining at the end of each semester will automatically carry over to the next semester. Unused Blue Bucks can be refunded from the Cashiers Office, 261 University Pavilion.

To purchase Blue Bucks, click on "Blue Bucks"

For more information, please contact:

Event and Building Services
176 University Center
(810) 762-3436


A cable TV outlet is provided at no cost in the living room and bedrooms of each suite. TVs are not provided in the suites or bedrooms.

To view available channels, click on: TV Channel Listing


There are three work stations located on the first level of the Residence Hall for student use.

Our residence hall is completely wireless.  If you need hardwire capabilities you may obtain it for a cost of $100.00.  This cost would be added to your student account or you may pay by credit card, cash, or check by visiting the Student Accounts office.


Electrical equipment and appliances must be UL-certified (UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory). Look for the UL mark.

Extension Cords--only 16-gauge or lower permitted

Power Strips--with integrated (built-in) circuit breakers only permitted

We strongly recommend that you use a 15-amp power strip (with integrated circuit breaker) if the number of electrical items in your room exceeds the number of outlets. These multiple-connection strips are much safer than the lower-cost rubber adapters.

In addition to electrical load consideration, unsafe or excessive electrical devices can pose a fire hazard. For more about permitted and prohibited items, see . "A Resident's Guide to Community Living". Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to require the removal of any fire hazard, regardless of its inclusion or exclusion from these guidelines, in a student suite or elsewhere in the residence hall.

Front Desk

The front desk is open 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide general housing services. They have a package pick up system, handle all mail, make keycards for those individuals that are locked out of their room, check out vacuums, etc. 


Our residence hall has washers and dryers available to residents on each floor. Washers and dryers are coin operated.   Washers cost $1.25 per load and the dryers cost $1.00 per load (prices subject to change).  You may also add Blue Bucks to your Mcard for use in any laundry room within First Street Residence Hall.


Lounges are located on each floor. These spaces can be used for residence hall programs, studying, or socializing.

Mail Service

The United States Postal Service and other package carriers will deliver mail and packages to the Front Desk. Once mail and packages arrive at the Front Desk, Housing and Residential Life employees will sort them. 
In order to pick up mail/package(s), please visit the Front Desk with your UMID between the hours of 5pm and 5am. It is important to note that mail and packages will not be distributed before 6pm or after 12am. 
The address for the hall in order to receive mail is: 
Student Name (first and last) 
First Street Residence Hall 
301 E. First Street 
Suite #____ Room Letter ___ 
Flint, MI 48502-1950 


Phones are not provided in the suites so a cell phone is necessary. There are phones available in the hallways for emergency and campus use.


There is a printing station located in the first floor lounge in the residence hall. Students can send documents to this printing station from their residence hall suite or anywhere on campus and then go to there to finish the printing process.


The Office of Housing and Residential Life does not provide student storage. Students may be able to arrange for storage on their own and at their own risk and expense through a local commercial vendor.


Vending machines are located on the 1st floor near to the front desk. Soft drinks, juice, water and snacks are available.  All vending machines are either coin operated and accept cash, coins, or credit/debit cards