There are now more college students in the metro-Flint area than there are autoworkers. Nearly 33,000 college students are currently enrolled among Flint’s institutions of higher learning. This transformation from a “car town” to a “college town” is still in its early stages, but there is already a great deal to be excited about. Community and business leaders have responded to the needs of this growing population by filling refurbished historic buildings with new downtown living spaces and entertainment venues. There are new restaurants, a new downtown neighborhood grocery store, and an array of new businesses ranging from ad agencies to yoga lofts.

Perhaps most exciting for these college students is the unique opportunity to participate in the re-imagining of what a college town and a city like Flint can be.


Whether it's weekend entertainment, a new place to have lunch, or a shopping destination, you're never far from what you're looking for. The resources below can get you started in the right direction.

Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Flint Cultural Center

Flint Farmers' Market