Office of Housing and Residential Life Scholarship

Housing and Residential Life (HRL) awards a limited number of scholarships to current and incoming residential students who excel academically and demonstrate a financial need.   
We use a scholarship application to determine who will be awarded the scholarships. The amounts that are awarded to students are outlined in the chart below. 
Returners: Current UM-Flint Students and students who currently or have lived in First Street Residence Hall. 
Current Students: Current UM-Flint students who do not live in First Street Residence Hall and who have never lived in the residence hall. 
Incoming Transfer Students: New UM-Flint Transfer students whose first semester at UM-Flint begins each Fall term.
Incoming First Year Students: New UM-Flint Incoming First Year Students whose first semester at UM-Flint begins each Fall term.

*Please note Incoming First Year Students who are awarded a Housing Grant are not eligible for a HRL Scholarship

Student Type Requirements Award

Returners, Current Students, 
Incoming Transfer Students, 
Graduate Students, and ELP 

3.9 to 4.0 

$2,000 per semester/ 
$4,000 per academic year 


3.4 to 3.8 

$1,500 per semester/ 
$3,000 per academic year


3.0 to 3.3

$1,000 per semester/ 
$2,000 per academic year 

Incoming First Year Students 

3.0 or Higher and 
23 ACT Score or Higher

$1,000 per semester/ 
$2,000 per academic year


3.8 or Higher and 
20 ACT Score or Higher 

$1,500 per semester/ 
$3,000 per academic year 


3.8 or Higher and 
24 ACT Score or Higher 

$2,000 per semester/ 
$4,000 per academic yea

Applications are available by January 7th of each year.  The link to apply for the scholarship is You can upload your resume and financial aid award letter through the online HRL Scholarship Application, email it to, fax it to 810-762-3362, or drop it off in our main office, 303 E. Kearsley Street, 375 University Center (UCEN), Flint, MI 48502. 

Application Deadline for Current Students - The application and all application materials are due the third Friday in April by 5:00 PM.

Application Deadline for Incoming First Year or Transfer Students - The application and all application materials are due by the first Friday in July by 5:00 PM
Returners, Current Students, Incoming Transfer Students, Graduate Students, and ELP Students will be notified  within the first week of May each year and Incoming First Year Students by the second week of July each year whether they have been awarded a HRL Scholarship.

Please contact Qiana Perrean Smith at if you have any questions or concerns.