The Invest in Your Success (IYS) program creates incentivized ways for students to take ownership of their academic experience at The University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint). The main goal of the program is to graduate students. The main component of the program is the pairing of the students with a UM-Flint faculty or staff member who serves as their IYS Mentor.

Specific objectives are:

Ease the transition and challenges faced by first-year students, both academically and personally
Support second-year and upper-class students as they progress through their academic careers
Improve and develop the study skills required for college level academic success
Create avenues for students to access the resources campus has to offer and generate additional resources based on demonstrated student needs and trends
Assist students in building relationships with peers, staff and faculty who serve in  mentoring roles
Provide a personal support system through which students can work through challenges and celebrate successes
Encourage students to become involved in Student Life
Develop individual student goals and provide one-on-one support to insure they are progressing toward their goals

IYS Students

The IYS program was designed for residents that live in First Street Residence Hall but any UM-Flint student can be a part of the program.

To become an IYS Student you need to complete the IYS registration form. A link to the form is below.

IYS Student Registration Form

IYS Mentors

IYS Mentors are University of Michigan- Flint faculty or staff members. The mentors volunteer to be a part of the program or a student can request a mentor. If a student request a mentor who has not agreed to be a part of the program the coordinator of the program contacts that person via email informing them that a student has requested that they be there mentor for the program. In the email the coordinator also includes additional information about the program.

Once the match has been made the mentor will receive two emails. One email will list the student and mentor and their email address. The second e-mail will be a copy of the students IYS registration form via email. After receiving the email the student and mentor can start communicating with one another. The mentor will receive a package via email that includes an ink pen for them to keep, M-Bucks to give to the students, and a Mentor guide.

The expectation is that the mentors communicate with their student on a regular base regarding their academic progress. The student and mentor can met weekly, biweekly or monthly. The communication patterns and methods are based on the comfront levels of the mentor and student.

To become an IYS Mentor you need to complete the IYS Mentor registration form. A link to the form is below.

IYS Mentor Application Form

IYS Student Activity and Feedback Form