Be a Leader on Campus

Housing & Residential Life offers leadership opportunities for students that live in the residence halls.  There are two types of leadership opportunities.  There are compensated and uncompensated positions. The positions that receive compensation are Front Desk and Resident Advisor positions.

To view and apply for all open positions at University of Michigan-Flint, click on 

A cover letter and resume should be submitted as one (1) document along with the application.  The cover letter should address the following three components:

1.  Why you are interested in a position with Housing & Residential Life.
2.  What qualities and skills will you bring to a position in Housing & Residential Life.
3.  Share your thoughts about the Expect Respect Pledge and how you apply it to your everyday life. 


DPS is dedicated to providing a wide variety of community services. Our Community Engagement Programs are designed to build and maintain partnerships, trust, respect, create a dialogue with our community, provide educational resources and programs, and assist our community in reducing the opportunity for crime.

Block Club members understand that Safety is everyone's responsibility. Join the fun and become a Block Club Member!

Meetings - Multipurpose Room - First Street Residence Hall at 7 pm. Contact an RA for meeting dates and times.


The Front Desk (FD) Staff Member leadership position is essential to the success of the students living in the residence hall. The Office of Housing and Residential Life is committed to building strong, inclusive communities within the residence hall and the FD staff member assists in making that happen. As a Housing and Residential Life staff member the FD staff members will provide a vital link between other Housing and Residential Life staff, students, Facilities Management and the general public. Housing and Residential Life staff will be committed to an educational approach in order to provide for the most meaningful experience for our residents. These positions are live-in positions.


First Street Hall Council is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in your residence hall community and serve in a leadership role. You’ll gain valuable leadership skills, lasting friendships, and unforgettable memories. While a part of hall council, you will help create events that foster social interactions for the other students living in the residence hall. These events have included movie nights, ice cream socials, Midnight Breakfast, UM-Flint’s Got Talent, Cupid’s Ball, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless! Hall Council is truly what you make it! For more information, please check out their Facebook page at First Street Hall Council 


The Invest in Your Success (IYS) program creates incentivized ways for students to take ownership of their academic experience at The University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint). The main goal of the program is to graduate students. The main component of the program is the pairing of the students with a UM-Flint faculty or staff member who serves as their IYS Mentor.

Invest in Your Success (IYS) Mentors are faculty and staff leaders at the University of Michigan- Flint. The mentors volunteer to be a part of the program or a student can request a mentor. For more information and to apply as an IYS mentor, click on IYS Mentor 


The Resident Advisor leadership position is essential to the success of the students in the residence hall. The staff in Housing and Residential Life will be committed to an educational approach in order to provide for the most meaningful experience for our residents. One of the key responsibilities of an RA is that of a community builder. Community Building means getting to know your residents and other staff members, both individually and collectively, by investing time and energy into activities and events that will help facilitate the development of positive and meaningful relationships. This is a live-in position.