Residence Hall Parking

Residents of First Street Residence Hall will be able to bring cars to campus. 

IMPORTANT:   Please park vehicles in the Mill Street Parking Structure or in designated on-campus parking spaces. 

University of Michigan-Flint students, faculty, staff, and visitors will not be allowed to park in the International Institute parking lot (located at E. 1st St. and Stevens across from the First Street Residence Hall) effective Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.   Please instruct all guests and visitors to park in the Mill Street Parking Structure so as to avoid receipt of a ticket.

The International Institute parking lot is no longer a designated space for members of the university community as the lease with the new owners of the property was not renewed.  All parking for the First Street Residence Hall will be located in the  Mill Street Parking Structure going forward.  Thank you.

You can find important information regarding parking on campus found in “A Resident’s Guide to Community Living”.

Student parking permits are required for all UM-Flint parking lots. Parking permits can be obtained from Information Technology Services (ITS). It is a violation of the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities and UM-Flint Traffic Control Orders to participate in any fraudulent use, manufacture, or duplication of a University parking permit. Go to for additional information on obtaining a parking permit.

State law requires registration and insurance coverage on any automobile parked in a residence hall parking lot, including those with a University-issued parking permit. The University and Housing and Residential Life assume no liability for theft or damage to a vehicle parked in a University-owned parking lot.