Requesting a Room/Suite Change

Once residence hall assignments are made, we will not be able to consider room changes until the beginning of Fall semester except in the case of room swap or contract reassignment.  Refer to "A Resident's Guide to Community Living"regarding room changes.

Residents may request a suite/room change by contacting their Hall Director.  Any change must be authorized in advance and in writing by the Hall Director or the Office of Housing and Residential Life. Changes may take place based on an approved room swap or discussion with the Hall Director. Housing and Residential Life will not honor informal or different procedures.  Individuals may not occupy any space to which they have not been assigned (originally or through room swap, waitlist, or other authorized process), even if it appears to be vacant. Residents must ensure that any unassigned space, including furnishings, in their room or suite is in a condition ready for a new occupant at all times.

Students who wish to return to on-campus housing, and meet reassignment criteria, may participate in reassignment for the next academic year. Reassignment sessions are held each Winter term.

Students receive notification of dates and times for reassignment through email, mailbox flyer notification, and postings throughout campus and in the residence halls. Reassignment is based on the number of earned/completed credits hours at the end of each Fall semester. Students must not have holds on their accounts that restrict course registration, such as an Accounts Receivable Hold, Judicial Hold, etc. in order to be eligible for reassignment.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at (810) 237-6571.