Parking Policy

July 30, 2004

TO: UM-Flint Staff

FROM: David Barthelmes
Vice Chancellor for Administration

SUBJECT: Clarification of Policy on Parking and Recreation Center Fees for Employees Participating in the Tuition Support Program

UM-Flint has an excellent tuition support program. It covers 100% of the cost of tuition and fees for up to 4 credits per term. A supplemental program provides full coverage of 4 additional credits in classes that have available space. The university covers these expenses up front, so that the employee does not have to make out-of-pocket payments. By comparison, the Dearborn and Ann Arbor campuses cover a maximum of 4 credits. Ann Arbor pays 75% of the tuition cost by means of reimbursement at the end of the semester upon proof of having passed the course with a minimum grade of C.

A loophole in our tuition support policy has created some confusion regarding the payment of parking and Recreation Center fees by matriculated employees. The following policy clarification intends to end that confusion.

Employees participating in the tuition support program pay the same annual parking fee as all university staff and may take advantage of the Recreation Center membership discount offered to all employees.

Employees whose enrollment in UM-Flint courses is not fully paid through the tuition support program are considered students for the purposes of parking and Recreation Center fees.

This policy clarification is effective beginning with the Fall 2004 semester. It will not be applied retroactively.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources & Affirmative Action Service Center at 762-3150.