Self-Service Timekeeping


Since 2009, the Flint Campus has been utilizing a self-service timekeeping system.  Self-Service timekeeping applies to all staff positions (regular, student and non-student temporaries) at the Flint Campus.  The timekeeping system allows each department to gather hours worked either from the employee’s entries to the system or the department may enter their employee’s time directly to the  payroll system.  In addition, self-service allows the department to approve timesheets electronically eliminating the requirement of paper timesheets.

Submitting Employee’s Time

There are three ways a department can submit hours worked to the self-service timekeeping panels: 

  1. Require each employee to submit their hours worked directly into Wolverine Access.
  2. Require each employee to submit a hard copy timesheet to the department.  In turn the department will enter the hours worked into Wolverine Access.
  3. Require each employee to use a punch or webclock system via their M-Card.

The decision is at the discretion of the department and must be set up through the Office of  Human Resources at the Flint Campus.  Employees must check with their supervisor to receive instructions on reporting their work hours. 

Reporting Time Directly to Wolverine Access

A step-by-step process for employees to enter time directly into Wolverine Access can be found in the link below. 

Step-by-Step Report Time Process


Below is the link to view the biweekly and monthly paydates and appropriate deadlines for submitting employee hours.  Please note the department may require a deadline to submit hours which is prior to the deadlines listed in the below link due to needed review time.  If you have any questions related to your specific deadline, please contact your supervisor.  Late timesheet submissions may delay the employee’s pay. 

Paydate Schedule/Deadline

 Department Approvers and Timekeepers

There are at least two approvers or timekeepers in each department at the Flint campus.  To add an approver or timekeeper, the department Director needs to send an email to Flint-HRAA-Service@umflint.edu requesting access for an additional employee.  Please include the name, UMID and unique name in the email request. 

Instructions and Checklists

Below are resources specifically made for the Flint Campus employees and departments.  If you have any questions related to recording time, please contact:


Paper Timesheets

Department self-service entry or approval checklist

How to maintain a static group

General information regarding self-service timekeeping at Flint

Queries for Approvers