This award will be given to an individual faculty or staff member, or team of faculty and/or staff, who submits a creative idea or plan to improve some aspect of the campus.  All regular active faculty and staff members of the Flint campus are eligible for the award.

The award will honor either one individual faculty or staff member ($1,000) or one faculty and/or staff team (share $2,000).  In addition, the selected idea or plan will be funded up to $10,000 for program implementation.  Applications must be submitted by March 9, 2018.

The focus this year will be on enhancing the University of Michigan-Flint’s indoor physical campus. Therefore, the submissions will need to include innovative ideas which will showcase or enhance the indoor visual appearance or navigation of the campus.  Each submission will be reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty and staff members from various departments and schools across the campus.  The committee will be focusing on the following criteria and attributes:

  • Efficiency and Productivity –  adds efficiencies and increases productivity which creates cost advantages in operations or services
  • Originality – new concept or a variation of an existing idea, unique to the university or campus.
  • Impact –impacts or can be applied to multiple areas, lead to additional uses/applications internal or external to campus, lead to positive change in delivery or service/products.
  • Practicality/Feasibility – cost-effective to implement, does not pose risks to the university; integrate into existing structure or environment.
Chancellor Susan E. Borrego encourages all faculty and staff to contribute their ideas for the collective good of the campus.
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