Full Board* Schedule and List of Submission Deadlines

IRB Schedule 2013-2014

IRB Board Meeting Schedule and Deadlines for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Meeting Date

Submission Deadline

September 12, 2013

August 30, by 5pm

October 10, 2013

September 26, by 5pm

November 4, 2013

October 31, by 5pm

December 12, 2013

November 27, by 5pm

January 10, 2014

December 23, by 5pm

February 14, 2014

January 30, by 5pm

March 13, 2014

February 27, by 5pm

April 10, 2014

March 27, by 5pm

May 8, 2014

April 24, by 5pm

June 12, 2014

May 29, by 5pm

July 10, 2014

June 27, by 5pm

August 14, 2013

July 31, by 5pm

Expedited and Exempt Review Determination

expedited review or exemption from ongoing IRB review & approval, there is no official deadline for submitting materials for expedited or exempt review; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as materials are received. Decisions are usually issued 2 to 4 weeks after submitting all required materials.

Please contact the IRB Office if your application is time-sensitive.

*Convened (Full) Board Review

If your research involves any of the following, your application will likely require review by the convened (full) board:

  1. Minors, prisoners, pregnant women, impaired adults

  2. Illegal activities such as drug use

  3. Private activities such as sexual behavior

  4. FDA approved drugs and devices presenting more than minimal risk

  5. Non-FDA approved drugs and devices

  6. Deception

Applications requiring review by the convened board must be submitted by the deadlines listed below (three weeks prior to meeting date). Once your application is processed by the IRB Office, you will be contacted via email with additional instructions.