Resources for IRB Members

Guidance for completing your review of an IRB application

For all reviews:

To ensure all required elements of consent are present the use of a checklist based on the OHRP template should be used by the reviewer and attached in the reviewer checklist area “supporting review documents” when submitting your review.

OHRP Informed Consent Template (modified)

Risk Level Grid

Research with Children

When serving as Primary Reviewer on a full board study

To ensure the minutes of the meeting are accurately and efficiently prepared please prepare a written summary of the details of the project that you will present at the meeting. Attach this written summary in the reviewer checklist area “supporting review documents” when submitting your review.  Please use the template for the written summary.

Template for full board written summary

General Guidance while completing your review

1.  Student projects must include faculty advisor information on the consent form and recruitment materials.

2.  Check for consistency of information across the eResearch application, recruitment materials, consent forms, and any other documentation.

Education  and Training Resources

Ongoing education for IRB members is important to keep our knowledge of regulations and their current interpretation up to date.  When you complete an educational activity please send an email to Mary Mandeville at, listing the name of the item you have reviewed/completed so it can be documented in the office records.